Oral surgeons utilizing Cone Beam scanning systems can easily print their own 3D patient models from DICOM data. These models are powerful patient and GP dentist communication tools . The ZprinterĀ® systems are fast low cost 3D printers that can print a mandible in around 3 hours for under $30.

For clinical models the SLA® printing technology can produce fast accurate two tone medical models with a Class VI biocompatible material.


  • Powerful patient communication tool
  • Fast - mandible in 3 hours
  • Low Cost - $25 cost to print mandible
  • 8x10x8 inch build area
  • Easy 3D printing from DICOM data

Download a PDF with Technical Specifications

iPro™ 8000 MP Production 3D Printer

  • High definition precise production of medical models
  • Reliable and fast output
  • Smooth surface finish and precise ready to use parts without post processing

Download a PDF with Technical Specifications (pdf, 703Kb)