Drill Guides created using our Stereolithography (SLA®) systems combines optical and medical scanned data to first create a virtual image of a patient’s jaw. A specialized software program allows the surgeon to insert and manipulate implants via the screen. The final digital file is used to create a drill guide that guides the drill during dental implant surgery to ensure exact placement.

Because of the pre-planning, the surgeon also reduces risk and patient discomfort by making an incision to expose the bone and to insert the drill and implants. Instead, a minimal hole can be punched through the gum in order to position the implants accurately.

SLA working models are extremely accurate and reduce the model-making process time, resulting in less need for skilled labor and significant cost savings.

Drill Guide Dental Partners:

iPro™ 8000 MP Production 3D Printer

  • High definition precise production of custom dental parts
  • Reliable and fast output
  • Smooth surface finish and precise ready to use parts without post processing

Download a PDF with Technical Specifications (pdf, 703Kb)

ProJet® 6000 Professional 3D Printer

  • Prints the highest quality dental models, drill guides and orthodontics
  • SLA part quality with 3D Printer ease of use and low cost of ownership
  • Fully integrated with 3Shape's CAMbridge production software

Download a PDF with Technical Specifications

ProJet® 3510 DP Professional 3D Printer

  • Accurately consistently and economically manufacture precision dental wax-patterns that are castable and pressable
  • Simple to operate in-lab printer
  • Compatible with most known 3D scanners in the industry

Download a PDF with Technical Specifications:
- English (pdf)
- Chinese (pdf)
- French (pdf)
- German (pdf)
- Italian (pdf)
- Japanese (pdf)
- Korean (pdf)
- Russian (pdf)
- Spanish (pdf)
- UK English (pdf)

Interested in using CAD/CAM 3D Printing for Drill Guides?

Please contact 3D Systems to speak with one of our dental specialists about the CAD/CAM drill guide application. We can set up an appointment with you, send you additional information or a sample part. (click on the button below to fill out a form.) We look forward to hearing from you.